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50/50 Pass

Kimura From Inverted Top Half

7 Point Pass on Single Leg X Guard

Dear Friend,


There is a strange paradox in BJJ in 2015. Look at the videos on YouTube, the ones being sold online and the techniques which are being taught: Most of the moves are solid, but they’re also basic...


Then watch Leandro Lo compete - the techniques he is using aren’t the ones being taught:


- In American BJJ Schools
- On YouTube
- In Instructional DVDs You Can Buy Online


His stuff is just… different. No, it isn’t simple, and his approach isn’t for the guy who can’t tell the difference between De La Riva Guard and Half Guard. These are advanced techniques for Serious Players Who Want To Win.


Leandro trains in a non-descript gym run by renowned trainer Cicero Costha in Sao Paulo, Brazil where champions are made.



This gym isn’t like most of the gyms you see in America. This is a gym where iron sharpens iron, where excuses are laughed at, and where there are no lies. If you are in this gym you need to be prepared to put it all on the line…for EVERY roll… in EVERY practice.


This place doesn’t have conventional classes, only drilling sessions and sparring. Workouts here last 2 hours and 20 minutes. Students have a few techniques that they use from every position and they’ll drill these for an hour. When that is over they train: eight 8 minute rounds with 2 minute breaks in between. That takes 80 minutes. The level of sparring intensity on a scale of 1-10 is a 10… at least.


It is kill or be killed, and it’s a war-like atmosphere every single practice. When asked how the white belts are supposed to learn in this environment, Leandro said “Yes, it is hard; most of them quit. But the ones who stay are really tough.”




So what are the results from this extreme method of training? Well, in the finals of the 9 weight classes in the 2014 Black Belt Mundials this one little school, with no affiliates, had 3 competitors – no other school can say that. They are simply doing things no one else is doing – and it’s clearly working.


Because of this bizarre format at Cicero’s school competitors aren’t constrained to use only what their instructor shows them. They are free to make stuff up as they go. Take Leandro’s De La Riva/Spider Hybrid Guard. This is a very strange guard that no one is using:



Because it is such an untrained position in the U.S., no one knows how to deal with it. Watch him in competition and you will see that exactly zero people have passed it. The Hybrid combines the safety and defensiveness of Spider Guard with the offensive nature of De La Riva. Even better news is that none of the well-known Spider or De La Riva Passes work against it.



Learn these type of techniques
and you’ll have an advantage that no one else has.


Leandro Picture


Most competitors see the 50/50 Guard as a position to stall, but Leandro sees it as an offensive position. Plain and simple: his 50/50 series is insane. We’ve never seen anything like it and it is simple to use. A lot of competitors get stuck in 50/50 but Leandro uses it as an offensive position like no other – if you ever get stuck there, you have to see this:




Leandro Torreando Moves


Leandro’s Passing is different too. He has a Torreando that is almost unstoppable. He takes grips that no one else uses, drives the opponent’s knees up into his own chest and then uses it to pass. He explains why in this DVD.


His longsteps are unlike anyone else’s. Leandro is always backstepping and longstepping. Most American BJJ guys use pressure passing. They almost take a wrestling mentality: if it doesn’t work – do it harder!! But Leandro is a master of technique; he wants to outsmart everyone and take the road less traveled. If you are a fan or practitioner of serious BJJ you have to see this. He hops around very tough guards like it’s nothing. The Miyaos told us that Leandro passes their guard most every roll and you can even see him pass on the toughest guards in the world: Michael Langhi, Gilbert Durinho and Keenan Cornelius to name just a few...


Oh yeah, that brings us to the Worm guard. Leandro solved that too and he shows his techniques on our DVD. He passes the straight worm and the Reverse De La Worm. As more and more competitors start to use the Worm guard, you will have to know these passes.


This DVD is NOT for everybody!


Who this DVD is not for:


- White Belts: Listen, we love white belts. All of us were white belts once too, but white belts have no business learning complex hybrid guards and very complicated passing. While we hate to exclude anyone, this stuff is advanced and will only confuse you before you have really learned the basics. If you are a white belt please don’t buy it.


- Casual Practitioners: If you are someone who does BJJ here and there, never watches YouTube videos and you don’t really follow the competition scene this isn’t for you. Leandro’s moves are really advanced and you just aren’t going to like or appreciate them. There is nothing wrong with doing BJJ from time to time and using it as a workout, but again this set isn’t going to help someone with that as a goal.


- Casual Practitioners: If you are someone who does BJJ here and there, never watches YouTube videos and you don’t really follow the competition scene this isn’t for you. Leandro’s moves are really advanced and you just aren’t going to like or appreciate them. There is nothing wrong with doing BJJ from time to time and using it as a workout, but again this set isn’t going to help someone with that as a goal.


Who this DVD Is For:


- The serious competitor, the guy or gal who wants to get better at BJJ as bad as they want to breathe (to quote the street preacher Eric Thomas. The serious practitioner, the one who daydreams about positions when they are at work, at the beach, talking to their friends, watching TV… These sickos have been bitten by the BJJ bug and it has infected their whole life. When these competitors see the moves on Leandro’s DVD they are going to say “Holy Sh#T!! That is amazing!” And, “Oh wow, I never thought of that!”


- Pete
- Bernardo


We think this is one of the most revolutionary BJJ DVD
sets to ever hit the market


And we’re so confident you’ll agree that we’re putting a 30 day 100% money back guarantee behind it. You have a full month to try it out, and if for any reason you don’t think it’s worth every penny then you can have a full refund!





4 DVD Set

Leandro DVD List

So what is On the DVD?

Leandro DVD 1

DVD 1 Guard Pass


  Spider/DLR/ Single X Sweep ( 3:01 ) * He used in the finals against Langhi/2013

  Technical Stand-up from single X guard ( 3:25 )

  Back Take from single X guard ( 3:03 )

  Single X foot lock sweep ( 1:55) * He used in the quarter-finals against Vitor Silvério

  Double leg sweep ( 2:00 )

  Back Take from guard pull ( 1:57 )

  Sweep from guard pull ( 2:45)

  Half Scissor sweep ( 2:15 )

  Leg drag defense with technical stand-up ( 3: 20 ) * He used agains Otávio Souza Worlds 2014

  X Guard to technical stand-up ( 2:32 )

  Double leg sweep variation ( 2: 36 )

  Same as position 11 ( Double leg sweep variation ) but fast ( 0:35 )

  Collar drag / variations ( 3:08 )

  X guard/ technical stand-up sweep ( 3:30 )

  Back Take ( 2: 40 )





Leandro DVD2

DVD 2 Pass


  1A- Toreando ( 2: 15 )

  1B - Details about toreando grips ( 1:00 ) 1A and 1B will go together

  Toreando variation / opponent holding the leg ( 2: 45)

  Jumping X guard pass ( 2: 15 )

  Spider guard pass ( 2: 26)

  Back step pass from spider ( 2:22)

  Cross face smash ( 2: 50 )

  Lasso Pass ( 2:15 )

  Lasso Pass variation 1 ( 3:00 )

  Lasso Pass variation 2 ( 1:50 )

  Lasso Pass variation 3 ( 2:33 )

  X guard ( 2: 42 )

  X guard pass variation ( 2:37 )

  7 point guard pass from single X ( 2:46)

  50/50 Pass ( 3: 05 )

  50/50 foot on biceps pass ( 2:45)

  16- 50/50 clock pass ( 2:30 )

Leandro DVD3

DVD 3 Pass


  DLR Pass ( 3:08 )

  DLR Pass variation (2:52)

  Knee slice with under hook ( 2:53 )

  Switch hip pass ( 3:00 )

  Knee slice with cross face pass ( 3:09 )

  Knee smash on DLR ( 2:56 ) * BJJ Scout against Lucas Lepri )

  DLR stack pass ( 3:30 )

  Deep DLR Pass (2:27 )

  Knee shield / Pass ( 2:22)

  Shin on shin pass with variations ( 5: 08 )

  Shin on shin pass with back step ( 1:28 )

  Deep half pass (2:50 )

  Deep half lapel ( 3:20)

Leandro DVD4

DVD 4 Bonus


  Worm guard pass ( 3:30 )

  Inverted Dela Worm pass ( 4:00 )

  Cross choke from half with 2 variations ( 4:00 )

  Kimura from inverted top half ( 4:08 )

  DLR arm lock (2 :05 )

  Omoplata escape (3:00)

  Foot lock escape ( 3:15)

  Knee bar escape (2:00 )

  Monoplata/arm lock ( 1:43 )

  Drills ( 6:23)


What are these tricks and techniques worth?



If you are a serious BJJ competitor you know there’s no better person to learn ground-breaking secrets from than Leandro Lo.


So, how much?


Well, to get 1-on-1 training time with Leandro would cost you a small fortune. And that’s if you could even pin him down to give you a lesson

– he spends all of his time on his own training.


So how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience? We’ve seen other DVD sets on the market for $197 and we know you’d pay that much to learn these super-advanced techniques in the blink of an eye.


But we’re not going to charge $197.


If you act now your investment will actually be less than half that amount…


That’s right: you get the 4 DVD Leandro Lo Guard & Passing Matrix set… $77


There’s one other not-so-small detail…


Leandro is very proud of his training and the tips contained herein. For that reason, there is a LIMITED supply of these videos! So if you want to ensure your copy, you MUST act now.


Limited amount printed - when they are gone- they are gone


Leandro Price Point


You don’t want this DVD set,

you NEED this DVD set

if you’re going to take your game to the next level.




Attention BJJ Competitor: How Would You Like
A Blueprint For The Complex Guard Secrets & Crazy Passes
Which Have Allowed The Great Leandro Lo To Dominate
At The Black Belt Level For 3 Years?

These Moves Are Unlike Any That Have Been Taught Before &
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